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Entertainers 4 Education Alliance has various programs designed to inspire,
connect and empower our youth and their families.

Teenkonec Program: TEENKONEC is an informative, educational lifestyle web magazine. We created TEENKONEC to help improve literacy in students by focusing on topics pertinent to today's teen issues. Students learn how to write, report and edit news stories. They also learn the latest technology through video production , photography and website maintenance. TEENKONEC features celebrity interviews, fashion, latest trends, events and an advice column.

Public Service Announcement Campaign: E4EA produces public service campaigns designed to create awareness, influence attitudes, behaviors, and empower young people to succeed. Our PSA's are featured on television, radio, and in print, with a special emphasis placed on our grassroots and viral campaigns. We distribute thousands of posters, book covers, postcards, and stickers to schools, libraries, malls, and stores, with positive messages geared toward connecting with the youth, their parents, and the entire community.

Empowerment Workshops: Over the course of the school year, we present empowerment conferences/workshops for youth and parents. We are committed to the notion that if given the right tools, opportunities, and information, most young people will choose to be educated. We find that in order to accomplish this goal, we must also support parents and provide them with important information, so they too can effectively support their children.

The Youth Series provides workshop attendees with the tools needed to be successful both in school and in life. We've developed a presentation that is fun, engaging, and informative. We provide students with knowledge and supplement this knowledge with honest information, hopefully, enabling students to make better choices.

The Parent Empowerment Workshops are designed to engage parents in practical parenting wisdom. We intend to provide parents with insights as to how to best support their children in achieving through education and building a more sustainable future for themselves.

Incentive Program: Many of us remember when our parents would promise us a reward if we received a respectable grade on an exam or brought home a good report card. E4EA has adopted this model. We utilize our contacts and resources to encourage better academic performance in low performing schools by supplying schools with movie, concert, and television taping tickets, alongside give-a-ways such as, CD's, DVD's and other cool things the youth enjoy, in order to keep them motivated.We even bring celebrity guests to schools, as the ultimate reward for improvement.

Youth Recording Apprentice Program (YRAP): We know that music is a dominate force in youth culture. Many of our young people are attracted to the process of creating music. We developed the Y.R.A.P program to address this natural curiosity. Y.R.A.P. exposes and educates students on engineering, producing, recording, and composing vocal music. This program integrates disciplines such as technology, language arts, and the performing arts. The curriculum is designed to foster positive behaviors in students. Students learn valuable skills in a classroom/group setting. This program provides a "real life" perspective to students, revealing to them the fundamentals and business practices of the music industry, alongside the opportunities that are available. Students interested in this program must maintain a respectable grade point average.

Youth Leadership Program: Each year, E4EA selects students from various high schools to become youth leaders. E4EA mentors and trains these special young people to work with our organization. Students must demonstrate attributes and characteristics that allow them to influence other students in a positive way. Candidates must receive a written recommendation from their school leadership in order to be considered for this program.

Peer Mentoring Program: E4EA pairs youth leaders with students who are facing academic challenges. Peer mentors assist mentees with their school work and study skills. They provide good-counsel on peer pressure, attendance, and behavior problems. Students who participate in the program must sign an oath and agree to meet at least once per week with their youth mentor. Mentees must adhere to the E4EA conduct code and agree to develop and maintain an 80% or higher grade point average.

Internship Program: E4EA provides urban youth with opportunities to work in the entertainment and multimedia field. Students will be mentored by experienced professionals who help them gain valuable work experience and insights into the many career options available.

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